What We Do

ShadowBox Pictures is a professional performance marketing and DRTV production agency based in Philadelphia and London with over 35+ years of experience. We create magical cinematic-quality film and video using a fresh, imaginative, story-driven approach. Each of our team members brings a comprehensive understanding of the industry, from creative mediums to HD production, 3D animation, pre and post-production, product marketing, and branded videos.

Why Shadowbox Pictures?

You want a direct response spot that you know will be successful. Well, our projects have generated over $800 million in sales for some very happy clients. This is a data-backed testament to our ability to bring consistent success time and time again.

Our team is comprised of recognized leaders in the DRTV space who have led in nearly every niche within the industry. Directors, writers, cinematographers, animators, and editors work together to offer each client the experience, enthusiasm, and determination to satisfy their story needs.

Clients come to us with an objective and no idea how to get there- like hiring that unreachable celebrity spokesperson they always wanted. ShadowBox Pictures prides ourself as an agency that can get those unthinkable tasks done.

Each client brings valuable products and services to the table. We bring our production experience, cross-media expertise, technical proficiency, and solid relationships that have been developed in all branches of the advertising, entertainment, corporate communications, and DRTV industries.

Our Mission

At ShadowBox Pictures, our mission is to create consistent success for our clients that is visible in terms of positive ROI and viewers that convert.

Our Process

Take a look at how our creative process works. We are experts at combining the fundamentals of direct response with the engagement of brand advertising. We execute all work in-house, from creative to producing, editing, and delivery. Don’t worry; we will guide you in-depth through each step when you choose ShadowBox. Oh yeah, we create campaigns that sell.

Deep Dive

This is the initial consultation. We will discuss your strategy and brand messaging, your goals, your vision, and decide on a short-form, mid-form, or long-form video approach.

Creative Concepts

Get ready to think outside of the box. We’re going to go over creative elements, concepts, and budgeting for production. Everything is developed to reach the right customer with the right selling messages, created for whichever screen they watch- broadcast TV or streaming on a laptop, tablet, or phone.

Scripting + Content Creation

All the details should be finalized at this point. We will go over storyboards, start casting talent, and reach out to celebrities or influencers for max impact on your video.

Production Execution

Now, production can be initiated in full-swing. We use creative direction, high-powered tech, proven strategies, and stunning cinematography to bring the script to life for maximum engagement and success.


Post-production is like putting the finishing glaze on your product. We handle all final editing, graphics, and animation on-spec. This is the finale before you’re handed a one-of-a-kind masterpiece your brand is proud of.

Master Deliverables

Behold - your final deliverable. The process is complete and ready to test. Put your deliverable into action, monitor its performance, and watch it go live. We’ll be cheering for you.